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Life In Style: week 10. & 11.

Life In Style: week 10. & 11.
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As I’m still very new to this, I’ve decided to share the behind the scenes of my week so you can see what goes into creating High In Style magazine. Basically my life in Style.

Past 2 weeks have been pretty intense. Running up to the publishing date of our 11th issue, I’ve been busy with creating the content and graphics. The last 3 days of the monthly publishing cycle are so intense that I don’t have time for anything else. I don’t watch TV, I don’t read the news. Nothing. I listen to podcasts or music to keep me going late into the night. It’s like a marathon. Once I get going, I just want to finish it without any major breaks. I think it’s a mental thing. I’m in zone.

Apart from that, I went to few press days and events. First, it was Secret Linen. I met Molly, the creative brain and designer, of this British bedlinen brand. I absolutely love Molly’s designs. They are unique, very well thought-out and so versatile! I had a great chat with her and her team, and had a sneak preview of their AW16 collection which will be coming out end of August/September.




If you follow my magazine’s journey you probably have noticed that I have changed the cover of the past two issues from interiors to art. I have been struggling to find something that would join seamlessly all the topics we cover: interiors, fashion, design, beauty, travel, food, women in business. All of these require creativity in its own way. When I got the opportunity to interview Jessica Zoob for our July issue and many more artists which we will cover in the upcoming issues,  a lightbulb went off in my head. ART. It all makes sense. Art is the joining piece bridging everything we write about. And so when I  met Natasha Jade, a British artist and painter, last month at a trade show, I thought she would be a perfect fit for one of our issues. Last week I met up with her in her studio in East London. I was drawn to her mixed media, abstract artwork and the way she uses colour. She is so talented. I can’t quite believe how much in common we have. Her approach to creating her commission art is very similar to my design process. Plus she’s all about business too.



My other highlight of the past 2 weeks was a visit to Pure London. I knew some of the designers I featured were exhibiting there, so I thought it would be nice to catch up and also to see if I can find some new brands and creatives. I took my girls with me (who are 14 and 8) and made a fun day out of it. Of course, apart from freebies and all the attention they get,  when I take them with me, for them the most exciting event was the fashion shows. They were snapping away like crazy so I will write about it separately.


Now, it’s time for our issue 12. I’ve started building the content, which is already looking amazing!! Stay tuned. Kx

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