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My Secret Valentine

my secret valentine
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Valentine’s origins, to me, are still very blurry. The reason why is that there are several stories about why St. Valentine’s sent his first letter signed “From Valentine”. Whatever you believe in one thing is for sure, he was probably a very romantic figure.  

What started as a simple handwritten love note, now turned into a highly commercial event. It’s not enough to just send a card anymore, we expect more. A romantic dinner with a visit to a cinema afterwards? Maybe even a weekend away. Whatever it is, and however you celebrate this day of love,  I think we should also find time for ourselves. There is something empowering about spending few minutes  in your own company. 

So let me introduce you to the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift from “your Secret Valentine”. It’s simple, indulgent but above all very inspiring. Our “My Secret Valentine” package includes Volume 1. and Volume 2. of Estila magazine, Well + Happy guilt-free indulgence chocolate bar and The Box of‘s travel candle called “Peace” – a pure soy candle with peach blossom and water jasmine decorated with lavender seeds. Divine!!  Now all you need is a comfy sofa to curl up in and 15 minutes to yourself.

It costs £19 and you can get the package here.


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