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Joop Spring Summer 16

Joop Spring Summer 16

In our May issue I briefly mentioned that every time I’m in Berlin, or Germany in fact, I always love visiting Joop’s boutiques. I have few things from them which I purchased more than 16 years ago. However, every time I wear my bag, sunglasses or scarf, I get lots of comments on them. And that’s the great thing about Joop!. Their collections are timeless with clean lines and cuts. Simplicity and elegance are the two defining elements of their design work. Joop Spring Summer 16 collection is no different. It’s a fusion between architecture and fashion where function meets design and comfort.





I’m going back to Berlin in couple of weeks and I can’t wait to treat myself to anything from Joop.  Joop! is available in Fenwick stores in the U.K.

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