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Issue 10: Eclectic Vibes

eclectic vibes
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I’m so excited to tell you that our 10th issue of High In Style (now Estila) is out now. Before I started working on this issue I didn’t realise how text heavy, in my terms, it’s going to turn out. You know by now that our magazine is about a beautiful visual experience that hopefully is inspiring enough for you get up and take action. I strongly believe that we need to test our abilities so we can learn about ourselves and find purpose in life. This issue focuses on eclectic vibes.

With its eclectic mix of styles, ideas and interviews, I really needed the text content to put this message across in the best possible way. And so I encourage you to set aside 5-10 mins of your day to really get into our interviews and articles because there is so much good to take away. It gives me so much pleasure to meet and feature like-minded and highly creative individuals who found that purpose and who are now living life to the fullest while helping others too. I’m sure you will enjoy reading it!


Our design contributor Anouska Lancaster talked to Zoe Pocock about her mission with luxecycling and how we can express ourselves through bespoke furniture.


This section is all about linking home decor with wardrobe. To show that colours affect us on many levels. But there’s more. It also features creative design and showcases independent British brands, artists and designers.


Our fashion editor Flavia talks summer sale essentials and how to avoid impulse buys.


I have explored beach and picnic summer bags featuring colourful yet timeless designs in 3 themes.


Our beauty editor Nic talks about refreshing your beauty routine with a pop of colour.

The biggest takeaway from this issue is to explore your individually and your personal style. You need to find it and embrace it. And the only way HOW to find it is through trying, testing and analysing what you like, what you don’t like and why. Be open to new experiences, ideas and challenges. Dig deep and be honest with yourself. Only then you can make adjustments in your life. My 3 top reads are the featured interviews I did with interiors blogger and author Will Taylor from highly successful Bright Bazaar, Marcella Renna, a ceramic artist and designer, who changed her career after being a lawyer for a few years. And finally, Lauren Shepherd from Hunters & Heels who is a mum juggling work she loves with blogging while raising her family. But there is so much more to uncover, so start reading below!!

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this issue. I appreciate all of you and admire your creativity. Our beautiful cover is little bit unusual this month. I came across a stunning porcelain tile designed by Davide Tonelli with the following concept: “Don’t be scared. Be wild!”, which I thought would be so appropriate for this issue. Called Jungle, it is available for purchase at Reed Harris.

I hope you will enjoy reading the issue as much as we enjoyed making it. Let me know what you think!


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