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Into the Wild
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Imagine a world with only 300 humans remaining in it. What would you do? How would it look like? What kind of future would you have? Well, this notion is very dramatic but unfortunately very real to the Cross River Gorilla. These beautiful creatures are critically endangered, there is less than 300 remaining in fact. Shocking is an understatement. And so when I heard about it, I had to get involve and help to spread the awareness. I have teamed up with Kellie from Salome Designs, who’s on the board of this project, Sophie from Terrarium Designs (check out her interview in Volume 2.), the girls from Rixo London and artist Boris Nzebo to promote the project’s upcoming event, INTO THE WILD. 


Like many other primates, the Cross River Gorilla lives in dense forests in Cameroon, which are not inhabited by humans. They depend on large and diverse areas for them to survive. Those forests, vital for their survival, are being destroyed by us, humans. The Cross River Gorilla Project has been set up to promote and support the work of the Cameroon conservation charity and the Environment and Rural Development Foundation. They plan to develop a series of research facilities located throughout the Southwest Province of Cameroon to help aide in their conservation efforts. The Cross River Gorilla Project plans to visit the area this year so they can survey possible locations and select a project management team for the build. Moreover, they want to introduce a number of initiatives to help support those who live in the local communities, especially women. So how can we all help? Check out their website on how you can get involved. They are also hosting a charity ball at the Hancock Museum in Newcastle on 18th March 2017. You can  still purchase tickets and support their work by contacting CRGP directly through their website. 


Credits: Photography courtesy of CRGP. I also used VVA clutch for this article. If you like it, head over to VVA website for more details. The blue leather cuff  I’m wearing is from sixforgold

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