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How to negotiate masterclass

how to negotiate masterclass
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I believe that negotiating is one area that is easily dismissed or underestimated by many start-ups and business owners. However, without knowing how to negotiate well your business might be missing out on getting great deals and partnership opportunities. It might take you longer to achieve your targets and goals. The key to good negotiating is the mindset of “nothing is given and everything is available for a discussion”.  All options are on the table. 

So the question is: do you make the best of it when it comes to dealing with your suppliers, retailers, press, other designers or bloggers? Poor negotiating can have a negative effect on your business and even sales. The good news is negotiating is a skill that can be taught and improved upon through practice.

This masterclass covers strategies and skills that are required to becoming a successful negotiator.

We will cover:

The importance of building relationships: Understanding terms, body language, language used and tone of voice.

Preparation: Commonly overlooked, we will be discussing the importance of preparation of knowledge. Psychology, setting goals and knowing your bottom line are all crucial at this stage. From knowing your costs and budgets to understanding the other party’s position, we will cover basic areas of preparation to give you necessary tools of negotiating.

Strategy: We will cover strategies and scenarios of negotiating, from setting the initial offer, the scope to terms and conditions, delivery terms and performance incentives.

The Offer: We will discuss the offer scenarios, well beyond pricing and fees.

Creating win-win situations: To conclude, we will discuss the importance of acceptable outcome for both parties and how to achieve it.

This “How to Negotiate” masterclass is divided into two parts.  First part of this masterclass is learning and acquiring new knowledge. The second part is delivered through case studies and activities.


Armed with new knowledge and skills, you will leave the masterclass more confident in your own abilities. Your will be able to create your own negotiating plan and how to best negotiate for your own business’s interest. You will also know more about how to approach negotiations – what to do and what not to do.


This masterclass is most beneficial to those who are preparing to run their own businesses, recently started one and/or are more advanced. Coming to the session with specific problems and areas that you feel you need improving will ensure maximum results.

We run masterclasses on regular basis and here are some of the testimonials:

“Thank you for such a great class! So much wonderful information and inspiring stories. I’m looking over the pages and pages of notes I took last night – such solid practical advice.”

“A really informative evening, great speakers and filled with like-minded people all willing to share and care.”

“A lot of content which was practical and very informative, so much to take away. Got more than expected. Well worth it. Thank you so much.”

When and where?

The “How to Negotiate” masterclass is held at  Bold, 58-64 City Rd,  London, EC1 2AL, on Thursday, 7th December 2017 from 11am – 2pm.

Spaces are very limited so get your ticket and hope to see you there. Kxx

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