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Grace and Oliver luxury summer coats

Grace and Oliver luxury summer coats
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Even though the weather is getting warmer and you can smell summer the air, sometimes I think a light coat in the evenings is necessary like Grace and Oliver luxury summer coats I came across on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to their style. Based in London, they specialise in luxury outerwear for all seasons.

“We believe that an exquisite coat is an investment, not a fashion accessory. This is exactly why we create coats featuring fine tailoring and unique fabrics and styles. We want our customers to be able express their individuality in our coats, rather than having to settle for generic and low quality high street trends.”

The materials are mostly sourced from Prato in Italy where they only work with the top end mills and suppliers. It’s where unique samples are created using their own pattern cutters and sample rooms that are buzzing with artistic energy. They work closely with two of the best factories in Europe to ensure the coats are manufactured to perfection. I think it’s great that they are keeping the design and manufacturing in Europe, supporting local economy and craftsmanship, which can be passed on to the next generations.

Here I picked my 3 favourite coats from their latest collection which are great for the up and down weather we’ve been having recently.



For more information or to make a purchase, head over to Grace & Oliver website.

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