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Edit 30/31: Modern nomad

Modern Nomad
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If you haven’t heard yet, our digital issue of ESTILA EDIT 30/31 is out now. For this edition I wanted to focus on lifestyle brands who set up their businesses as a result of being inspired by travels.  Traveling gives us the opportunity to not only escape our daily routines but also it allows us to open our eyes and to broaden our knowledge. And so I call it “Inspired by a modern nomad” for that reason. 

The amazing thing about small businesses such as the ones featured in this issue is that they can open our eyes to products we’ve never seen before. We can welcome them in our homes and wardrobes without all the expenses of exotic traveling.  But I think that for us to buy them we need to connect with their stories. We have to immerse ourselves into their world first. And that’s where the stories come in.

This issue is a mixture of stories written by the founders and of course interviews as well. My favourite stories are:

1/ Wicklewood – Caroline’s background and story about how and why she started Wicklewood is very inspiring. Surrounded by fabric and wallpaper samples from a young age, she started Wicklewood out of her frustration of not being able to find good design options that can be updated quickly. She came up with the idea of offering highly curated room sets, using suppliers she met on her travels. Her understanding for pattern, colour and style definitely serves her well, since each set is very well thought out, making interior design easy for almost everyone. A must-read for anyone who is in interiors!

Modern nomad2/  A.A.K.S – Initially I interviewed Akosua, the founder of A.A.K.S. for this issue but in the end I turned it into a story feature, where she takes you through her journey as a business owner and creative director.  I love her honesty and her advice on the importance of doing something different. A must-read for anyone who is in the fashion accessory market!

modern nomad3/ STUDY 34 –  Eleanor, the founder of STUDY 34,  approached me with her story few months ago. What drew me to her brand were not only the great lookbook visuals and her luxury products, but also how she wants to educate customers on the materials she uses. Again, inspired and motivated by her travels, she started STUDY 34 by focusing on offering high quality, elegant knitwear. However, there is more to her story. I always say that brands should have a by-product of their existence, something which is meaningful. Turn to page 50. to find out what it is for STUDY 34.

modern nomadAs always, the issue is also packed with beauty tips, travel, a recipe and you can also win a single quilt by Postcards Home!

Happy reading! 




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