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Chic Summer BBQ

chic summer bbq
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While this weekend’s temperatures are ascending, I will be seeking shade and a deliciously light feast. And since August is synonymous with inventive outdoor table settings for a chic summer barbecue, below I have few ideas on how to breathe life into your summer setting.

  1. Aesthetically, the bright and mix-and-matched glassware balances rustic and shabbier elements, like on these dishes injecting modernity into an otherwise understated setting.
  2. Replace your go-to glassware with a rainbow of plastic cups. To guarantee an accident-free lunch while the children are around, invest in the latest table-setting craze; – clear carbon cups that imitate their glass cousins to perfection and come in a wide variety of colours and cuts.
  3. Light candles that will transcend your guests into a romantic summer realm while fighting the lurking bugs.
  4. A plywood box can act as a DIY cooler while adding a touch of shabby to the tablescape.
  5. Inject creativity by serving your sauces in separate ceramic jars recreating the feeling of a burger bar where everyone gets to dress their own burger and season their dish.

You could also try these ideas:

  1. Hang a giant frame between the trees to create a your very own popup photo station, fun for the kids and capturing those afternoon memories the old fashioned way.
  2. Use a chalkboard to present the menu to your guests in a sleek and alternative way. Alternatively, you could narrate your cheese or charcuterie board by writing the names on a chalk plate next to each kind.
  3. Reuse those wine bottles next time you have friends around and arrange flowers inside them.

Have a great weekend!!




After years of moving homes with her family, Nadja insists that the art of living well should transcend and that the particular dedication to curating the space where one eats is, beyond all, sacred. The table always brings people together and it is right there, on her kitchen table that NadjaCreations.com comes to life. Nadja aims to not only fascinate readers with compelling narratives around each table creation, to intrigue with stylistic insights and inspire a conversation around living a life of substance, but also to inspire design enthusiasts to discover the creative force within them for shaping unique table settings.

Written and photography provided by NadjaCreations. Instagram: @nadjacreations

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