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Best press release example

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Most press releases I get are quite frankly painful to even look at. But there are some gems too. Here is the best press release example I came across so far. I loved it so much that I put it all in our Estila Edit 22 without any alteration or editing. I think that says it all.  Use it as a case study, take notes and apply the technique. Honestly, writing a press release is not a rocket science, if you follow the following steps.

press release

press release

press release

press release

press release

press release

Why is it a good example?

  1. It has a very strong and interesting story.
  2. It has quotes from the founder and owner.
  3. It’s written in a story-telling way and has breaking points/headers.
  4. It’s supported with strong imagery relevant to each section.

What can you learn from it – the steps:

1.Start with a strong story. I know it can be tricky to come up with something interesting well beyond your product offering or collection but having a strong story /campaign can help you dramatically get featured in publications. Notice that this example doesn’t talk about its facilities in details. It’s not about stunning views, luxury accommodation and a Micheline star chef. It’s about WHY it exists. 

TAKEAWAY  – Think about your WHYs. What was your trigger point or frustration you had that you started your brand or why you created your latest collection. Were you inspired by travel, art or colours? Did you see some product which could be improved? Or, were you asked to design something bespoke with a story behind it? What was it? What ever it is, share it. You might think it’s not important or even it’s boring, but if you don’t share it, your press release will probably end up being boring!!

2. Include quotes. Most press releases are written in a very formal way. I get that you want to look professional and all that, but imagine that everybody does the same. Your press release will definitely get lost in the sea of non-interesting essays written by corporate secretaries. But one of the key mistakes I see is that they don’t include a quote, which supports it. You need to give me something which I can use in my article. I can’t make up some quotes because I’m not you.

– Write it yourself. If you struggle with writing, record yourself and let someone else write it for you. The point is that it must come from you. Who else understands what’s going in your head than you? No one can be you. PR agencies say that they can write press releases for you but they follow the same format. That’s why they’re not interesting. 

3. Include strong imagery. I want to see something I haven’t seen before. I don’t mean quality images, I mean stunning photography. They need to show me what your campaign or brand is about. Imagine I see tons of fashion, lifestyles and interior images everyday. Most of them are lukewarm. They might be ticking the “trendy” box but if you position yourself into that market, your changes for being noticed are very slim. Everybody, every other brand is trying to be “trendy”. Give me something which is amazing. 

TAKEAWAY – Include photography which supports your story or campaign. Having a strong story which is supported by weak images is not good enough. 

Hope this helps. Kxx

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