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Best glasses necklaces

Best glasses necklaces
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best glasses necklacesWhile browsing Pulse London earlier this month, I came across an accessory label RASSIN & SHEN. As someone who wears glasses while out and about, I’ve been struggling with the practicality of storing my glasses when I don’t need them. Also, I used to love how my grandmother stylishly wore her glasses chain, which, like a piece of jewellery,  added sophistication to her outfit and the overall look. 

As you can imagine when I spotted what Rassin & Shen do, I was like a kid finding a treasure. They offer beautiful and functional accessories for eyewear, opening a new category between fashion accessories and eyewear. 

It  was  co-founded  by  Efrat  Rassin  &  Tara  Shen  in  2015  after  winning  Sirius Programme Award for great ideas, funded by UK Trade & Investment.  Their debut collection focuses on eyewear jewellery; necklaces and chains to hold glasses and sunglasses. 

The necklaces are handmade of highest classacetate cellulose, sourced from the most discerning suppliers, carefully tailoring each colour and style to reflect the latest trends in eyewear. 

The designs  have  playfulness  and  hidden function as  well  as  reference  to  ideas such as women’s strength and appreciation of artisanal quality. The raw material is sourced from France, from one of the best cellulose acetate, which is  aplant-based  plastic, commonly  used  in  the  eyewear  industry  for premium  and  luxury  frames.  The  material  is  known  for  its  many  high  qualities; strong, lightweight,  flexible,  hypoallergenic  and a wide  range  for  transparency, rich  colours. 

Each item is handcrafted in a traditional 30 years-old family business in Poland. The  brass  findings  are  ethically  sourced  and  plated  with 18ct  gold  with impeccable attention. To ensure the supreme quality of their products, everything is carefully examined in London before they go to customers.

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