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Behind the scenes with Create Bespoke Beauty


I wrote an article in our Issue 14., about a stunning interior of a London townhouse, which I called “Italian Flair”. You can see the preview on here. I was first sent images of this home through our submissions and immediately thought “I have to feature this!”. Not only because it’s so not-a-British design in London but more importantly because it’s a perfect case study of an interior design that doesn’t scream trends or super luxury but yet it’s sophisticated and full of colour and personality. So when Andy, the founder of Create Bespoke Beauty, invited me to go behind the scenes and learn more about it, I just had to go and see it.  Here I’m sharing some images, which obviously couldn’t go into the issue and some more details about it.



create-bespoke-beauty-kitchen-before-after create-bespoke-beauty-stairs-before-after


Andy told me that a Milan based interior designer, Eligo Studio, and architectural firm Aliva UK have joined forces with Create Bespoke Beauty to bring in some Italian contemporary vibe into this home. And indeed they did!

Eligo Studio designed the dramatic interior with a bespoke, luxury feel throughout by using Aliva UK’s Metropolis range of paints and polished plasters, which make the space so different than anything I’ve ever come across. I was told that the Create Bespoke Beauty team of master craftsmen brought the space to life with their unique skills.

When you walk in you immediately notice the blue staircase, which is a feature on its own. I was told that it is finished in Aliva’s Metroresin (I love learning about new materials!!) in highly polished azure blue. The walls in all corridors and landings are finished in a subtle pearlescent Senso effect (which is like plaster) in orchid tint creating a light and airy space but with a hint of subtle interest.

As you walk through the space other important elements of the design concept are the bespoke wallpaper and lighting. Eligo Studio has worked closely with Barovier&Toso, the historical Venetian brand (which specialises in creating stunning glass work, which to me is like pieces of art!), developing new colours and creating glass colour chandeliers and lighting sculptures, which play an important role in the design.

Andy told me: “We wanted to ensure that we provide a combination of expert design and specialist craftsmanship to deliver a dramatic and bespoke interior that the client was after. We were challenged for sure but we learned a lot by being part of this project.”

I was so pleased to visit this home and learn about materials I’ve never heard of before. I’m absolutely obsessed with design, that’s why I started the magazine in the first place, but I don’t like extreme or crazy stuff. I like subtle elegance but with a twist. And this project showed me how it can be done. As I said, it doesn’t scream latest trends or super luxury. Instead, the whole concept is built around understand luxurious materials. 

If you want to learn more, check out Create Bespoke Beauty for more inspiration and information. As always please support British craftsmanship by using #highlightingbritishbrands.