Elizabeth Mikellides

About Elizabeth Mikellides

When music meets art


A Surrey based artist Elizabeth Mikellides considered a career as a pianist before deciding on art. Having lived in Cyprus during some of her teenage years, she received training in traditional drawing techniques on how to measure and draw the figure. These two interests eventually merged into her current practice, which she likes to call ‘Drawing Music’. After completing her MA studies in Fine Art Media she moved to Brussels for 14 years. Upon her return to the UK, she fully immersed herself into the world of art, collaborating with musicians and artists, and have also ventured into the NFT arena.


Colourful, vibrant, and linear. Translating note-for-note in colour gives Elizabeth’s work that colour-rich look. Notes are often portrayed as lines or bars with altering thickness referring to the note duration. Elizabeth works digitally, using Illustrator, her work is printed on a metal called ChromaLuxe. This finish is very mirror-like, elegant and bold.


Established 2020

Contact Info
+44 (0)7510658401



Prelude In C, £3,200
Man Thinking, £100
Snowball, £1,100
Prelude In E Flat Minor, £750