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Copper Silk marbled collection

Copper & Silk launches its marbled collection

Over the past 10 years, Copper & Silk has built up a reputation in the interior design industry as the go-to supplier for made-to-order lampshade and lighting designs. Named after
Free Spirits

Sharing artists stories in Free Spirits by Rosie Osborne

Inspired by her time spent in St Ives, Cornwall as a child, Rosie Osborne first began writing 16 years ago, aged just 13. Over the years, she has sought out
Murals Wallpaper

Introducing: Murals Wallpaper tie dye collection

Did you know that interest for tie dye designs have increased by nearly 200% since the beginning of the year? While the fashion world has been reviving this opinion-dividing design
interior style

How to embrace your own interior style

When we bought our house as first-time buyers some three years ago, we were beyond ecstatic.  It was the end of the renting era and the beginning of actual house
dark side of interiors

Moving over to the dark side of interiors

Interior fashion is a fickle thing. It’s the type of friend who moves on to bigger and better things, and somehow manages to forget about you along the way. With
marble bedroom decor

Marble bedroom decor

Marble bedroom decor – When designing a room from scratch, one of the first things to do is work out the main function of the space. Of equal importance is
modern home interior

Modern home interior: Making new what was old

Fiona Brass is a talented, up and coming interior designer who has a flair for making homes look modern and practical. I featured Fiona’s project in Estila Volume 2 –
Maria Hatling

Maria Hatling: the story behind our latest cover

I must admit that magazine covers are something I struggle with. I want them to be impactful, unusual and interesting. Most of our covers feature a piece of art, creating
ideas for decorating with blue

The Style Fix: Ideas for decorating with blue

For this month’s style fix, my inspiration to write and elaborate on the colour ‘blue’ comes as I ponder the colour of my own bedroom. Blue is everywhere right now.