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3 design elements for sophisticated kitchen

3 design elements for sophisticated kitchen

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make all the difference in our home decorating. One of British furniture makers, Woodstock Furniture, knows a lot about the latest in kitchen design. If you are after a sophisticated kitchen design, here are 3 design elements that can take your kitchen to another level.

1. Contemporary materials, colours and finishes

“Figurative grains, such as walnut, and satin-painted finishes are proving more popular as are composite, quartz and quartzite work surfaces. Decorative handles are instantly glamorising the kitchen, which harks back to the need for open-plan living where the kitchen area is the hub of the home.” Andrew Hall

All images copyright nicholas yarsley (wizzwam ltd).

2. Splashback
Splashbacks complete the look and add personality, colour and texture to the space. Andrew adds:

“Colours are popular but our most recent splashback work features antique mirrors, which are highly fashionable, even when used in contemporary kitchens. They not only reflect light, but will add colour to the room and show every speck, making them forgiving in a working kitchen. You can also create more of an entertaining, party, living room feel with mirrors.”

All images copyright nicholas yarsley (wizzwam ltd).

3. Floor to ceiling cabinetry
Not only that floor-to-ceiling cabinets maximise the storage potential, they also create a seamless and modern look that will stand the test of time.

Dovey walnut kitchen high-res

See more of Woodstock Furniture’s projects and work on their website. All images copyright Nicholas Yarsley (wizzwam ltd).

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